I am often unmotivated to find time to ride. I’d like to think this is because I work hard at my job, am married with three kids, and have a busy life. More likely it is due to my love of warm socks, comfortable chairs and good (but cheap) red wine. I have a tremendous amount of personal inertia. I always plan for later. But now I worry that at some point in the future, I won’t be able to ride anymore. Fear is a good motivator.

I had hip surgery in October, and am now in recovery mode. It hasn’t been quick or easy, I still limp much of the time. I had been feeling sorry for myself until I spent some time reading a really great blog – Fat Cyclist – over the weekend. If you have time, check it out – it is in my blog list. Feeling like an asshole for feeling sorry for yourself is a great motivator.

So, I signed up for the Livestrong challenge ride (70 miles) in Seattle in June. I do not want to embarrass myself. So, I plan to train hard. I don’t want to get smoked by some guy in his sixties riding a single speed bike. Humiliation appears to be the ultimate motivator.


One Response to Motivation

  1. Terri Levine says:

    I hope you find motivation by blogging, and I think it’s a fabulous idea.

    Have you seen Jeni’s blog (another biker who had PAO several years ago and has made a full recovery):

    She also has a post-recovery biking blog which is referenced on the original blog.

    Healing thoughts to you!
    RPAO 7/8/09
    LPAO 11/18/09

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