…all life began in the seas

First I’lll swim, then I’ll walk, then I’ll ride.   Then maybe I’ll ride fast.

It has been just over two months since my hip surgery; a periacetabular osteotomy on my right hip. I have the go ahead to start PT in early January.  Until then, I am going to start working on some pool exercises I found on the “Riding and Ramblings” blog (in my links list).  I have six months to reach my goal – ride the 71-mile Seattle livestrong challenge ride in less than 4 hours.  As of now, I have no actual plan.  I am going to need a plan.

But before the swimming and the planning, I have to shop.  For a swimsuit.  One of my most hated activities (in fact, of my top 10 list of hated activities, 5 of them are related to shopping).  Nothing meets all my criteria – covers what really needs to be covered, keeps covering when I actually swim in it, will not squeeze any part of me into submission, and does not have flowers on it.  Oh yeah, and will not break when several children are holding on to it for dear life.   And maybe won’t deprive said children of their first year of college tuition.

Any suggestions?


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