23 weeks

There are 23 weeks between now and the end of May.  I have until then to increase my comfortable biking distance from 1 mile to 71 miles.   (yikes!)  I am going to need to have a bunch of little goals to meet along the way or I’ll procrastinate, or worse give up.  So, I have listed a set of milestones to meet between over the next 23 weeks.  I may have to change these once  I start PT on January 4th.  But, I’m going to try to stay positive for now.

I am not going to go crazy – I have to set something reasonable.  I am starting pretty much from ground zero right now.  I walked 10 blocks around town yesterday shopping and today I hurt pretty bad.  I am a big discouraged.  My husband pointed out that 2 months ago I couldn’t pick my leg up off the bed and put it on the floor without help.  So relative to that, I guess I am a champion.  But, still. 10 blocks at a snails pace with no bags and I’m wiped and reaching for the Motrin.

Enough of that, on to the plan.  Staying positive and all that rot.

The plan is to get myself comfortable riding 60 miles by June 1.

  • Jan 1:  30 minutes slow spinning on stationary bike
  • Feb 1:  10 miles on stationary bike at decent pace, flat course
  • Mar 1:  10 – 15 miles on stationary bike, rolling course and some climbing.  Start riding my bike to work again (only 4 miles but is a good climb home)
  • Apr 1:  20 miles on the road
  • May 1: 30 miles on the road
  • Jun 1:  60 miles on the road

We’ll see on Jan 4 what my PT says about that.  I hope he doesn’t totally shoot me down.


One Response to 23 weeks

  1. ojulius says:

    Wow, good luck with the goal! It’s definitely one worth working towards. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it goes for you!

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