a short hike

Yesterday was a huge milestone for me.  I went for a short hike, probably less than 1 mile – but it was the longest walk I have taken since the surgery and the first time I went on a trail instead of a sidewalk.  

In addition, my right hip joint didn’t hurt AT ALL (knock on wood).  They muscles felt unused, but the joint was silent.  All those grinding sharp pains I had before the surgery were gone.  I am starting to think that maybe I didn’t do a completely stupid thing when I signed on for this procedure.  The kids spent about 1/2 hour playing in the creek and I got to hold all their stuff!  I used to complain about being their pack mule – but now I am actually happy to carry my cup of tea and their soccer ball.  Amazing what two months on crutches will help you to appreciate. 

Now I am itching to get back on my mountain bike and ride the trail.  This would probably be pushing my luck.  I know I am going to have to start on a stationary bike, but I really dislike those things.  I get bored very quickly;  like in 5 minutes.  But who knows – maybe I’ll find out I appreciate them more now! (But I doubt it).


One Response to a short hike

  1. Boy do I know that feeling of getting out for a walk in the country. I went out for one the week before Christmas – we walked down to the woodland from our house, around the three fishing ponds and then back home again – about 1 and a half to 2 miles I guess, but it was so nice to be out. I am still on one crutch so my hand hurt, but I didn’t care! I just stood and enjoyed the beauty of everything around me that I has missed for the past 8 weeks. I, too, can’t wait to get out on the bike, and like you, hate the stationery one, so we can think of each other when we sit on it, and peddle monotonously, and know that we are not ‘alone’, that there is someone else out there doing what we are doing, and getting bored very quickly too! Happy Healing!

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