First Ride – the plan

More than anything else during my surgery/recover period, I have missed biking with my kids.   We would ride together around town from our house on the hill to the local coffee shop/playground and back.  Sometimes we would venture further, bribing the kids with geocashing or ice cream or both in order to keep them moving.  For some reason, we have five bikes but only one bike lock!  This results in clever ways of locking up your bikes once you reach said coffee shop or playground.  Such as this:

Following my surgery, my husband has been taking them out and about while I sit at home watching T.V. or reading during their outdoor adventures.  This has seriously sucked.  So, I am going to ignore all my careful thought out planning to start in the pool and move to a stationary bike and all that rot – and just get back in the saddle.  This Friday, I am going to go for a short, flat, ride with my family.   So there Doc!  (I would NEVER have the guts to say this to my surgeon’s face.)  Below is my planned route along the Interurban Trail in town (Bellingham, WA).  (Did you notice the cleaver way I exaggerated the vertical scale of the elevation plot to make it look like there is actually a hill along the route?)   

Riding Route

I will, unfortunatley, need to get a lift for myself and my bike to and from Boulevard Park (the starting point for the ride).   The climb home from the trail is just a too much for me right now – I am not even going to try it.  *Sigh*  I’ll write about how it goes on Friday.  Hopefully, I’ll end my post with a picture of myself holding up a glass of wine and not a bottle of motrin. 

Have a Happy New Year!


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