First ride – the (sortof)event

It has been about three months since I have been on any bicycle.  Friday was supposed to be my first ride post surgery – I even had a route planned and everything (see previous post).  It wasn’t an epic (2 whole miles) but I was looking forward to it.  And then – we got to start the new year with a typical winter day in Bellingham.   The full stats from weather underground can be viewed here.  In summary – steady rain, 45 degress F, sustained winds of 25-30mph from the south, gusting (often!) to 50 mph.  

So, I moped around the house until my husband suggested that I take the bike up and down the street, at least.  I got the commuter bike out (since it has a full set of lights on it) and took off down the street in the pouring rain.  It was so great to be back on the bike!  The hip felt great – almost no pain while peddling on the flats.  I flew down the street (heading north) with almost no effort at all.  Until…I turned around into the 30 mph head wind.  I had to downshift and peddle pretty hard, but I made it back to the house and still didn’t have any pain in the hip while on the bike.  It was raining pretty hard and had gotten dark – so the only picture I have of the event is below.   That is me riding the bike you can barely see with the bright front head light.

 This wasn’t what I had planned – but it wasn’t a total disaster.  I now have SOME hope for June.


One Response to First ride – the (sortof)event

  1. ojulius says:

    Awesome! The first ride is such a great feeling! Enjoy it. It’s so much better than being stuck in a gym for your training. 🙂

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