PT begins

It has been about 12 weeks since I had my hip surgery (PAO on right hip, 10/12/09).  I finally went to my first PT appointment on Monday (the 4th).  I was not sure what to expect – I am NOT a fan of being stood over while I suffer.    I was happy to discover that she was both casual and thorough.  She had knowledge of the procedure I had done, seemed exicted to work with me, and was took limitations listed in my PT script (of which there are many) seriously.   These limitations are:

  • No squats
  • No lunges
  • No forward leg lifts
  • No running (oh, darn)
  • No jumping (repeatedly)
  • Leg press is ok, but low weight/high rep only

Her assesment was that my range of motion is very good; therefore I will not need to come in several times a week to work with her on that aspect of recovery.  I will need to work on strength and endurance.  She set up a program for the first week that we will build upon over the next few months.  I will go back to see her once a week for the month of January, and then we will see.  The program includes a set of excercises I will do everyday at home and then a 2-3 day a week program for the gym:

At home everyday:

  1. Bridging – 10 times holding for 10 seconds
  2. Isometric Hip Adduction (with pillow or soccer ball as resistance)- 10 times holding for 10 seconds
  3. Standing Bilateral Heel Rise (stand on my toes) – 3 sets of 15 reps (progress to doing on one foot at a time)
  4. Clam Shells (laying on your side with bent knees and raising the knee to the side) – 3 sets of 15
  5. One Foot Balance – Hold for 30 seconds, three sets, both legs.  Once I can do 30 seconds, do this with my eyes closed (suprised how much harder this made it!)

Gym Routine (2-3 times per week):

  1. Stationary Bike: 10-30 minutes (I am currently doing 15 minutes)
  2. Pool: forward walk, backward walk, side stepping, total time of 15 minutes.  Can do on different days then the bike until endurance builds up
  3. Leg press: < 70 degree hip angle, 50 pounds, 3 sets of fifteen
  4. Seated Hip Adbuction: 30 pounds, 3 sets of fifteen
  5. Seated Hip Adduction: 20 pounds, 3 sets of fifteen  

My biggest difficulties are very tight hamstring on the operated leg, very weak on any sort of hip adduction (pushing  inward) on the operated leg, and my core is pretty much shot.    So far, I can get through the excercises without too much pain afterwards.  However, I do stiffen up after I sit for a while now.  I suppose that is normal.  Looking forward to upping the bike to 30 minutes, but that is probably a few weeks off. 

I am not going to try to project my progress through to June right now.  I don’t want to get my hopes up, or on the other hand, discourage myself too much right now.  I am going to just take it one week at a time.


5 Responses to PT begins

  1. Terri Levine says:

    Are you using both legs for the leg press or just the operated leg? 50 pounds seems like a lot for just one leg. Since I’m doing some similar exercises I’m just curious! Terri

    • frankenhip says:

      I am using both legs for the leg press. I don’t think I could do 50 pounds on just the operated leg. But, I am supposed to be working up to doing one leg at a time. Right now, I have to concentrate pretty hard to make sure I am not favoring the right leg while I am doing the lifting.

  2. Terri Levine says:

    Would you mind if I posted these exercises on my blog? The pictures are great and I think it would be helpful. A lot of people don’t go to physical therapy at all post PAO so they can do these exercises on their own.

  3. […] Week 2 Week 1 of PT went well.  I can get through all of the exercises with only the hip adduction still giving me some […]

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