PT Week 2

Week 1 of PT went well.  I can get through all of the exercises with only the hip adduction still giving me some trouble.  I can do it – but I have to use very low weight.  I am up to 15 comfortable minutes on the stationary bike.  I have to still use low resistance (level 2) but I can spin at 80 rpm or so – which is a good sign I think.  I am going to up it to 20 minutes starting tomorrow with the first 10 minutes set at level 3 and see how that feels.  

I went to PT this morning, and have several new exercises added on to the old ones.  The first is added to the gym routine – the multi-hip machine.  All four movements with 3 sets of 10 reps.  The movements include (1) standing knee lift – knee is under the padded bar and you push up (see below), (2) standing leg abduction – padded bar is against the outside of  leg and you push out, (3) Standing Hip/glut extension – padded bar underneath your raised knee and you push down and back, and (3) standing leg adduction – bar is against the inside of your leg and you push down. 

I have a problem with #1, the Standing Knee lift.  Here is a picture of the movement on the machine.  This one makes my hip click.  The click occurs when the leg is coming back down from the lift.  It doesn’t hurt – but I am thinking that weighted movements that make the hip click are a no-g0 for life.  I am going to be emailing my doctor this week to see what he says.  For now, I am not going to be doing this one.  My PT agrees with this.

The second addition is to my “everyday at home” routine.  It is a change to the stand on one leg exercise.  I now  have to stand on one leg and point the other toe to each of  7 “clock positions” one at a time:  12,11,10,9,8,7,6.  I have to make sure to stand straight and not slouch and not go too fast.   

In terms of my training plan for the ride in June, I was hoping to be up to 30 minutes on the stationary bike by now.  I think I could be doing this – I get through the 15 minutes pretty easily, but have been told not to push it.  The next milestone was to be riding 10 miles on the stationary bike on flat course by Feb 1.   I am going to change this to 5 miles at slight incline instead (say level 5).   Mostly because I don’t think there is any way I can sit on a stationary bike for that long and not die of boredom.   Hopefully, I’ll be allowed on a real bike by the end of the month, and I can up the distance then.


2 Responses to PT Week 2

  1. Terri Levine says:

    I have the exact same click doing the exact same thing – even unweighted – in my 6 month post-PAO hip. No pain. My surgeon said it’s a tendon catching and will eventually go away. I didn’t ask about weighted knee lifts since my PT didn’t tell me to do them; it will be interesting to see what you doctor says.

    Sounds like you are making excellent progress! Terri

  2. JT says:

    I had the exact same problem too when I started that. The clicking has finally gone away. Unfortunately, I stopped working that muscle and it has come back to haunt me (weakness in the right leg because of it). I’m now building up the strength. Keep up the great work!

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