Walking the tow rope

We took the three kids skiing (2) and snowboarding (1) at Mt. Baker Ski Area yesterday.  I was planning on being hanging out in the lodge and drinking hot chocolate.  Instead, I ended up walking along next to the tow rope with my 6 year old   –  his older silblings were ready to hit the lift and he did NOT want to try it out.  I  looked pretty silly out there in my jeans and walking shoes surrounded by folks in ski and snowboard gear. Oh well.   It was cold but sunny and we have not seen the sun in town for quite a while.  It was really pretty up there (see pictures below). 

I am sore today – but it is the LEFT hip that hurts the worst.  Which one one hand is good  – the operated hip hurts less than it did before surgery.   But on the other hand it is a very bad thing .  I am hoping to hold off surgery on lefty for at least another year.  We’ll see how left is doing in June…

Heather Meadows Lodge with Mt Shuksan in background:

walking with tow rope…


One Response to Walking the tow rope

  1. ojulius says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a great day to be outside and skiing (or watching your kids ski). 🙂

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