Changes to PT – I over did it…

Well, between overdoing my resistance on the stationary bike (I increased it faster than my PT suggested – I blame this on my MP3 player) and walking the tow rope with my 6 year old two weekends in a row, I have inflamed the heck out of my right hip.  I am having some sharp pulling pains around the joint, mostly in the back of the hip down low.  Not constantly – but enough that it is troublesome.  I also have a good amount of muscle soreness all down the back of my right leg.  So, I am going to modify my PT routine this week to elimnate some of the weight bearing as follows:

  • No biking or walking (for exercise)
  • Lap swimming, 30 minutes, 3 x this week
  • Continue at home exercises- as long as I don’t have pain during the exerciseitself
  • Continue gym routine – but use very low weight – stop if it hurts

At least I was ahead on my bike training.  Hopefully, I can start that back up next week if I behave myself this week.


One Response to Changes to PT – I over did it…

  1. JT says:

    I’ve so been there! Keep positive, it feels so good to be able to move that it’s easy to overdo it and push too hard. 🙂

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