sitting this week out…

I have pulled my hip flexor (I think) and am going to have to take a break from PT, as well as bike training, for this week.   I am pretty annoyed about it, but I am trying to be patient and mature (virtues I am not known for in relation to my hip).  I was having some pain last week but kept working through it – which was a bad idea.  The muslcle pull was hurting quite badly on Saturday and I had to bring out the pain meds on Sunday, which annoyed me further.  I spent most of Sunday feeling sorry for myself, I am ashamed to admit. 

So, I have put myself on the shelf for this week.  Hopefully, the muscle will calm down by the end of the week and I can start back up agaain.  I may have to change some of the excercises I have been doing and add some stretches for that muscle.  It is so tight, that it does not appear to take much effort to pull it.  Sometimes I feel like I have taken one step forward only to go back five.  Although, if I think about it for a moment – the joint pain that was so severe before the surgery is gone.  The pain I have now appears to be all muscle related – and that isn’t as painful and hopefully can be worked through.


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