Back at it

I have started up my PT and biking (stationary) again.  It seems I didn’t have a muscle pull – I just have very weak hip flexors.  We figured this out because I can stand on one foot and hold on to something without pain.  I can even lean forward and to the side without pain, as long as I am holding on to something for balance.  But the minute I let go and try to balance on my own – the muscles in the front of my hip (and sometimes the back) start to burn almost immediately.  If I tense up everything – the burn diminishes. 

So, I am back to doing all my strengthening exercises as of yesterday.  I am also doing some of the simple ones (like balancing on one foot) throughout the day as I think about it.   I had started to limp (waddle) a bit again, so I am also trying very hard to walk with good posture.  I am going to  get back to my bike training routine, I am starting to doubt my ability to ride those 71 miles in June.  But, I am not ready to downgrade to 40 miles yet.


One Response to Back at it

  1. ojulius says:

    Keep positive! I had those same hip flexor problems. Interesting thing is that I STILL have those problems, just not as severe. I’m pretty certain I still have the problem because I found the PT exercises boring and chose to stop doing them and get outside on my real bike. ;o) Lesson learned? Do those boring PT exercises and take those baby steps…they’ll pay off in the long run! Keep up the great work.

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