I didn’t think of my hip this week

For the first time in at least a year, I went a whole week without thinking about my hip.  I bounded (well, maybe hopped slightly) down stairs, got up out of chairs without groaning, and even jogged a couple of blocks when I was late for an event without pulling up in a limp.  It has been great!  Now, however, I have no excuses for my sorry lack of training.  Even my bad cold is gone.  So, I need to get in gear or I am going to be a sorry mess for this ride in June at about mile 20/71.

I borrowed a book from a friend — “The TimeCrunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week” by Chris Carmichael.  You know, Lance Armstrong’s coach.  I was hoping to find that this was the program Mr. Armstrong followed while achieving several of those Tour de France wins.   Sadly, that is not the case.  But, hopefully it will work for me so I don’t humiliate myself in June. 

The book lays out a 10 week workout schedule – and the event ride should be at week 10.  So, counting backwards from the Livestrong Challenge – I need to start that schedule on March 28th. (I’ll update my training plan this week.)  Until then, I need to actually get on a real bicycle and go for a ride.   I had been told to wait until the hip was stronger and I would not potentially pull something if I had to put a foot down to stop a fall or something like that.  But I have been rocking that stationary bike at the gym!

I will go for my first road ride today or tomorrow and write about how it goes.  I imagine the post will go something like this, “I got passed by a little old lady carting her yorkie in her handle bar basket…


One Response to I didn’t think of my hip this week

  1. JT says:

    Your post cracks me up. When I first got back on the bike my fear was that I was going to get passed by a little girl on a pink bike with streamers who would honk her bike horn at me as she passed me by.

    At this point, it will hurt if you land hard on the operated hip. I started teaching myself to unclip on the non-operated side all the time just to alleviate that problem.

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