5 month Post-PAO Checkup

On Tuesday I made the 2 1/2 hour trek to Tacoma to see my surgeon and check up on how my right hip is healing post PAO (surgery was on 10/12/2009).  It has been feeling pretty good the last several weeks – so I was interested in what the professionals thought.  I got a look at x-rays of righty from December and the one they took that day – and what an amazing difference.  You really can’t see where the cuts were made in the bone anymore – they are all healed over.  I was told “if it wasn’t for all the screws your hip would look pretty normal!”  HA! 

So, I think at this point I can say that the surgery was worth it.  My hip is not perfect, it never will be.  There will always be some pulling, some clacking and some hurting.  But it is very minor compared to what it was like 1 year ago.  Except for the clacking – that is pretty much the same, but you can’t have everything.

Now, lefty is on the chopping block.  I gotta decide if I am going to get surgery on her or not.  My plan for now is to wait until the summer is over and see how she holds up.  Hopefully, the left hip will not go down hill as fast as the right one did.  My measuring stick will be this — as soon as the left hip bothers me more than the right one does post-op, then it goes under the knife (or saw or whatever the heck they use that I don’t want to know about). 

Tomorrow is the day I put the seat back on my road bike (it is on my comfort bike right now) and take it out on the pavement.  I was hoping to do it earlier this week – but it was just too windy.  I am already at a disadvantage with hip and hill climbs – I don’t need wind too!  We shall see how it goes.  By the end of this month I’ll know if I need to bump the Livestrong Challenge Ride down to 40 miles.


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