Not gonna worry about it

My hips are always going to hurt me a bit.  Maybe sometimes, more than a bit.  I’ll never run a marathon.  I’ll never climb Mount Rainier (unless I get a volunteer to carry me).  But, I am not going to worry about any of that stuff anymore.  I am just going to go hard until I can’t go any farther.  Then I’ll sit and have a beer.  I am just tired of thinking and worrying about it.   Seems pointless and exhausting.  I want to have some fun darn it!

I saw this poster the other day, and it made me laugh for 5 minutes!  I think I am going to get it made into a T-shirt.

Ski to Sea is in 2 weeks.  I have been very busy at work and haven’t had much time to train.  But, I think I’ll be ok.  Slow, but ok.   Here are some videos of what the course was like last year.   I am looking forward to it.

I updated by Training Page, although using the word “updated” is probably reaching.


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