Ski to Sea 2010

On May 30th I did the Ski to Sea Race in Bellingham, WA.  A total of 464 teams of 8 people (Thats just over 3,700 folks!) participated in the event.   Racers ranged from everday basically out of shape people (like me) to former Olympians!  

It was alot of fun.  It was also a good amount harder than I expected it to be.  It has been raining non-stop in Bellingham (WA) for weeks now (usually we have dry weather by now).  So, the mountain bike leg (which is really a cross-country course with some urban assault sections) was transformed into a “14 miles long mud wresting pit,” as one friend and fellow racer called it.  I had not trained as much as I would have liked (ah, the joys of working for a living) and my leg strength was just was not up to the task of slogging through all that mud with any speed whatsoever.  But, I finished,  I had some good laughs, and I wasn’t last.  I finished about 390 out of 464.  Oh, and I fell off my bike onto the only blackberry bush they had not cleared from the course.  Falling into the bush wasn’t so bad, but ripping myself out was not alot of fun. 

I really had to push myself in a couple of sections, and even though I was much slower than I would have liked to have been – I didn’t quit.  Although when I passed a bar about 1/2 way into the race I was very tempted to just pull over and go have a beer and watch everyone else slog by!

Below is the only picture of me on the course – coming into the finish line. I am the tired looking one behind the guy handing off the timing chip with “419” on his bike.

I will do it again next year, but I am going to have to get in better shape by then.  I have about a year.  I better start now.


One Response to Ski to Sea 2010

  1. ojulius says:

    You rock! What an awesome ride for you. I’m so glad you were able to do this one. 🙂

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