thumbing my ride…

So, I am out of the Livestrong Ride this Saturday due to a busted up thump and hand.   I feel on my left thumb/hand when I said hello to that blackberry bush during the Ski to Sea race on 5/30.  It swelled all up and hurt bad for quite a while.  Just as it was starting to get better, I tripped and fell on it again this Saturday (wine might have been involved).  Now it is back to being swollen with a bit of blue for color.  Went to the doctor, and the good news is I didn’t break anything in there.  The bad news is  –  it is a tendon injury and I need to keep weight off of it for three weeks.  I am not even supposed to open a jar.  Great.  It finally got sunny and I have to go back to a stationary bike for a few weeks.

I might try my sit upright commuter bike with the really good disc brakes (so I only need to use one) to commute to work.  But sustained rides are out for a bit.  It is a bummer.  At least I helped raise a wee bit of money to fight cancer, which was the whole point anyways.

So, I will set my sights on the Tour de Whatcom.   I did the 25 miles distance last year with my 8 year old son.  He did the whole thing on a mountain bike!  He wants to do it again this year.  We bought him a 24″ wheel road bike last summer (old steel peugeot ) and he is looking forward to riding that this year.  He wants to do the 50 – but not sure he’d finish it.  Maybe next year!

I am also going to think about the Chuckanut Century, maybe try to do at least the 50.  We shall see.

In the meantime, once the thumb heals up, I am going to start training here  (but ummm, much much sloowwweerrr…)!


One Response to thumbing my ride…

  1. JT says:

    Ouch!! Hope that thumb heals quickly. Glad to hear you’ve got some fun events on the horizon.

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