42 road + 15 dirt does not quite equal 71

March 31, 2010

I hated to make this decision – but I have decided to downgrade my road ride in the Livestrong Challenge Ride to 42 miles.  I have thought long and hard about this – and my work and family schedule have just not provided me enough time to train properly for a 71 mile ride that includes a pretty good sized climb.  In addition, my left hip (non-operated side) has gone downhill quickly the last month.  It will most likely be going under the knife in September.  So, I don’t want to put too much pressure on it heading into surgery. 

But although I have removed 30 road miles from my upcoming plans (and a big hill), I have added 15 miles of dirt (a.k,a. fun).  I am going to be taking part in Bellingham’s annual Ski to Sea Race.   It is a relay from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay and includes almost every type of recreational activity one can imagine.  I participated on our corporate team last year.  This was our team photo last year (which I took):

The one with the green “hat” is me.  Last year I did the canoe leg – 18 miles of paddling on the Nooksack river.  It was a long long long way to paddle a canoe.   This year I’ll be doing the mountain bike leg!  It is 15 miles and the course is not too challenging.  Since I have personally seen several folks finish the coarse dressed as giant strawberries or in gorrila suits, I think I can pull it off.  It should be a lot of fun.


Week 1 Update

December 27, 2009

So, week 1 was a total bust in terms of training.  But it was Christmas, so I think I can be forgiven for not going to the pool and drinking too much wine.  My operated hip has also been very sore – mostly the muscles in the area.  They are weak from not being used for 2 months – it is going to take some time to get them back up to where they used to be.  It is weird to be sore on only one side of my rear.  But no more excuses from here on out –  not even for New Years or my birthday.  I don’t have enough time between now and June to give myself any more “free” weeks.

This week I start working out at the pool (not just the hot tub) and start my healthy eating plan (no sugar, no beer, no white flour carbs, no potatoes, no fun…).   

By next week – I plan on commuting to work on my bike again.  I have really missed it.  It is a short ride – 4 miles.  All downhill there, mostly uphill on the way back.  It is a great way to start the day – a long fast ride with a great view of Bellingham Bay.  Of course, the ride home could be a challenge this soon.   I usually have a ton of weight on the back of my commuter bike – laptop, books, cloths etc, so it is a hard climb on the way home.   I might have to cheat at first – take the bus up the hill on the way home and then coast 1 mile back down to my house.   That will be a bit depressing, but might be neccesary.  I guess I’d rather take the cheat then not be able to ride in at all.

My commuter bike is great and was a present from my husband when we moved to Bellingham.  It is a Giant TranSend with some upgrades: multi-speed internal gear rear hub (8 speed) with a generator front hub to run the front and rear lights when you are pedaling.   The lights are super bright, even the rear one.  I know this  because when I first started commuting – this 60 year old guy complimented me on it as he smoked past me.  I tried to catch him – but 8 speeds will only get you so far.   Below is a picture of the Giant.  (my backup commute “bike” is in the background).   Hopefully both bikes will get out of the garage this week.