Training Plan & Updates

June 2010:  Seattle Livestrong Challenge Ride:

Training Plan Weekly Updates and Schedule (last updated on March 11):

  • May 15:  I have been training very little due to work and family commitments.  This sucks bad.  Oh well.  At least I’ll have fun? 
  • March 11I have not been training at all due to work commitments.  This sucks. 
  • Feb 4:  It is getting pretty routine to ride the 10 miles in 30 minutes on the stationary bike.  But, I need to work on cardio fitness and I am not quite up to long rides yet.  So, I am going to add some swimming to the training program.  I have added some distance goals for this into the schedule below based on a program I found here.


In addition to recovering from hips surgery, and all the PT that goes with that, I have a longer term goal.  I want to be able to complete (in a reasonable time) the Seattle Livestrong Challenge Ride this June (2010).  I have signed up for the 71 mile distance, which is optimistic.  I will make the decision on May 1 whether or not I need to downgrade to the 40 mile distance. 

Training Plan Milestones:
  • Jan 1:  30 minutes slow spinning on stationary bike (not met – only up to 10 minutes by Jan 1)
  • Feb 1:  10 miles on stationary bike at decent pace, flat course (met early! on Jan 12.  But man am I sore!)
  • Mar 1:  10 – 15 miles on stationary bike, rolling course and some climbing.  Start riding my bike to work again (only 4 miles but is a good climb home).  Work up to 10 miles on the road. (not met)
  • Apr 1:  20 miles on the road (not sure, haven’t tried yet)
  • May 1: 30 miles on the road (ummm, how hard can it be?)
  • Jun 1:  50 miles on the road (the clock is ticking….)


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